Nothing is so beautiful as a striver.

Enterprise Idea
  • Vision

    Become an internationally esteemed new energy company

  • Mission

    Innovation drives advancement of new energy

  • Core values

    Contribution to customer success, self-criticism, good faith, great passion and teamwork

  • Operation idea

    customer first and people oriented

Social Responsibility

  • Society

    Build the enterprise social responsibility idea of “deriving from society and returning to society” and participate in public welfare undertakings actively.

  • Environment

    Coordinative and sustainable development of economy, resources and environment is an inevitable choice of today’s society. We always insist on environmental protection and green operation.

  • Government

    Operate and pay taxes as per laws and regulations, undertake other duties and obligations specified by government and accept government’s supervision and legitimate intervention.

  • Employees

    Insist on “people oriented and love themed”, ensure all employees learn, live and work happily, safeguard their legitimate interests and unblock career development channel.

Thinking Beforehand and Creating a Beautiful Tomorrow!

Team Building

Three Orientations, One Force and One Spirit

  • Meticulous

    We always keep it in mind that detail is the key of success. According to meticulous management, we define, determine and clarify every link of PDCA (plan, execution, check and treatment) and implement them in daily management and business work, so as to meet the “macro” and “micro” management requirements.

  • Professional

    Develop management, technology, method and knowledge in depth according to the spirit of craftsman and study hard; take result as orientation and become expert in the fields involved.

  • Process-based

    Analysis, improvement and summary for daily work should be connected with continuous establishment and optimization of process system after comprehending by analogy.

  • Executive force

    Team’s executive force is core competitiveness of an enterprise. Our team should enjoy 100% executive force and all employees must highlight result.

  • Spirit of wolf

    Spirit of wolf is a kind of team spirit which means a team should set up objectives, observe discipline, be willing to sacrifice, know how to cooperate, unite others and work with perseverance.